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The apocalypse has arrived at Thomas Family Farm and the undead are taking over.  We need your help!  Join the fight by manning your own paintball gun on our wagon of horror and help us put the zombies back in their graves.  With 11 additional scenes, twice as many zombies, new explosions and a few other surprises...this will be the ride of your life (if you make it out alive).  We are offering time-ticketing this year so you don’t have to wait in line.  Are you brave enough to fight the undead?  There is only one way to find out!  



(You cannot purchase VIP tickets online)

Prepare yourself for the

Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball

Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball


Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is timed ticketing? You will buy a ticket for the time you want to get in line. This cuts down on the time you have to wait. Please note that the time does not reflect the exact time when you will get on the ride, it takes time to get everything ready before the ride can depart.
  • Do I need to purchase a ticket to ride with my child? Yes, to ensure the safety of all riders we can't have extra passengers on our ride, including babies in backpacks or children on laps.
  • Is there an age limit? We suggest your child be 12 years or older, but younger kids are allowed with parents approval. To ensure our riders safety we can't have extra passengers on our ride. A child must be old enough to ride without adult supervison.
  • What kind of ride is it? Think of it like a rollercoaster ...with guns... and people trying to eat you.
  • How many paintballs do we get to shoot at the zombies?  Each ticket gives you 150 paintballs to attack our zombies with!  We offer extra shots to purchase while you are in line.
  • Do the zombies attack you?  No, you are shooting at them.  We make sure our zombies are not armed! 
  • What time does the ride start? After dusk, it needs to be dark out to get the best "glowing paintball" effect.
  • Do I have to go to the ticket booth if I purchased my tickets online?  NO, go straight to your event that you purchased your tickets for.

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Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball
Actual zombies wear full paintball gear
and take safety precautions



The Ride:

Each trailer has mounted paintball guns and benched seating for your zombie shooting pleasure. Zombie paintball is a unique experience to shoot and not get shot. The paintballs glow in the dark so there can be no mistaking when your paintball splatters a zombie. 


The Story:

     We bought our crew of zombies hoping they could help with chores around the farm. Unfortunately they weren't the docile labor force promised to us by "Graveyard Shift."

     Our security team does what it can to contain the horde, but with each day the zombie's hunger for fresh flesh becomes more uncontrollable. A special immobilizing serum has been created by our security team and injected into paintballs.

     To continue to protect Snohomish and the nearby cities we need your help. It's time to put the undead back in the ground.

Brian the Braineater
Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball

The Rules:

  • Please do not feed the zombies
  • If it's dead, aim for the head
  • Always double tap
  • Never give up
Tots & Nibbler

Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball

Thomas Family Farm Zombie Response Team

Find out if you're ready to fight and survive in the zombie apocalypse!

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Zombie Security
Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball


Thomas Family Farm Zombie Safari Paintball



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