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Corn Maze

Maze Tips:

Thomas Family Farm Corn Maze 100.7 The Wolf

  • If it has rained during the week expect it to be muddy and slippery! We do not recommend flip flops, sandals or high heels.
  • How long is the maze? The average visitor spends around 2 hours in the large maze.
  • When is it open? The maze is open both day and night.  It is not haunted.  Our haunted attraction is the Nightmare on 9 haunted house.
  • We highly recommend bringing a flashlight to use when entering the maze after dark.  Cell phones and the moonlight are not enough to see the path.





Thomas Family Farm Corn Maze 100.7 The Wolf

FSI Treasure Hunt Corn Maze (4.1 miles) 

Saturday & Sunday 10am - Dusk


"Lil Paws" Kids Corn Maze (.5mi)

Saturday &  Sunday 10am-Dusk


"Full Moon" Night Maze

Thursday & Sunday 7pm-10pm,
Friday & Saturday 7pm-midnight



Thomas Family Farm Corn Maze 100.7 The WolfThomas Family Farm Corn Maze 100.7 The Wolf


Farm Scene Investigation (3.5 miles)

     Farmer Joe is missing! Help us solve this mystery by collecting clues at each checkpoint in the maze. Once you find your way out, you'll have the chance to guess who the culprit is and win a badge to show your friends. You could be the first in Washington to solve the mystery! There is a rest stop in the maze in case you need refreshments during your search.

How to Play

  • You will be given a punch card at the entrance booth that will include a clue book and a map of the maze.
  • There are 6 checkpoints hidden in the maze
  • Each checkpoint has a map of the maze with a unique hole punch attached to the map.
  • The goal is to find all 6 checkpoints, but it is not required. You may exit from a designated location at any time.
  • "Lil Paws" Farm Tracks is in the smaller maze and designed for kids up to age 11

Click Here To Meet The Suspects!



Kids Corn Maze

“Lil Paws” Farm Tracks (.5 miles)

     Farmer Joe's pie has been stolen! While navigating this maze you'll make rubbings of animal tracks at each checkpoint. Once you've collected all 6 and exited the maze, you'll look at a banner to match the tracks to the animals. Then you'll get a chance to guess which animals were the culprits. (Kids have unlimited guesses.) Once you guess correctly you'll be awarded a badge to show off to your friends!

maze jaydenThomas Family Farm Corn Maze 100.7 The Wolf

  Thomas Family Farm Corn Maze 100.7 The Wolf

Click Here To Meet The Suspects!


corn maze

Flashlight Corn Maze

Come navigate our maze after the sun goes down. You can use the checkpoints to figure out which animal kidnapped Farmer Joe or just test out your night vision. Flashlights will be available if you forget yours!


9010 Marsh Rd
Snohomish, Wa 98296